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A Professional Development Webinar is now available a USB Flash Drive for those new in Associate Leadership

  Download the promotional flyer here .

A rookie is a person who is new to a profession, training, or activity such as a rookie police officer, rookie pilot, a ...

Are you a rookie in associate leadership? Are you fairly new in your position?

NACAR offered a five-session webinar for new associate leaders in 2014 and because of the wonderful reviews received we are offering the videos and the PowerPoint presentations on a USB flash drive.

Sessions include: New Associate Leadership, Charism and Mission, Administration of the Associate Relationship, Collaboration and Networking and Planning for the Future.

Some of the questions answered:

  • How can I nurture and/or build relationships between Associates and Sisters and among Associates?
  • What role can these play in my ministry – congregational liaison, Advisory committees, other team members?
  • Should I have a separate newsletter for the Associates? What about other communications?
  • What are the best ways for learning about a prospective associate?
  • What are important components of Associate leadership?
  • What records should be kept? What about archiving?
  • I am being asked to travel fairly often. Is this unusual?
  • What support networks are available for Associate directors?

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