“Push out into the deep…” Luke 5:4

Year of Faith logo (Cross in a Boat)When Jesus had finished speaking, he said to Simon, "Push out into the deep…" Pope Benedict XVI has issued a similar call to the world Church by proclaiming a Year of Faith. From October 11, 2012 to November 24, 2013, Catholics are urged to push to the depth within their personal baptismal call to holiness and to be blessed and surprised by what God—Creator, Redeemer, and Sanctifier—has to offer. In the year ahead let's rediscover what we truly believe and foster the New Evangelization.

In New Testament times the weary apostles walked many roads to bring the Good News. We read in Acts 27 and 28 how Paul was shipwrecked in his effort to proclaim what he believed. Today we have the information super-highway as a modern means to spread the Gospel. E-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and other social media afford us the opportunity to share our faith without blistered feet, life jackets or microphones.

These modern tools can witness to the profound message that touches our own hearts. What better theme beginning this November than that of giving thanks? A few ideas: a) post a favorite psalm of thanksgiving on Facebook and/or consider composing your own prayer; b) conclude your personal e-mails with something for which you are particularly grateful for that day/week; c) share a link about something grace-filled happening in your family, religious congregation or parish; d) take up your keyboard and start blogging about your gratitude for Jesus, Scripture, the Sacraments, prayer and other essentials to your daily lived faith. "If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough." Meister Eckhart

The boat is a traditional symbol of the Church and the movement in the logo is subtly visible. The sail includes the cross the sign of love as well as the first three letters for the Greek spelling of Jesus. What appears to be a rounded sun or moon is actually a reminder of Eucharist, the "source and summit" of our faith experience.

REFLECTION: As an Associate or a member of a religious congregation, what will I do to "push out into the deep" in this Year of Faith? Will I consider making the Year of Faith coincide with a personal time of appreciation? Spend time with the logo. How does it speak to me?

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