(Don't) Repeat History


Adam and Eve with animals and tress in silhouetteWell, where are we? For any person on this earth, and for any person of faith, where are we?

In the struggle, stress, and strife that is this global pandemic, and for Americans with a national reckoning for systemic and personal structures of sin and oppression, where are we?

We’re not in the Acts of the Apostles, we are not yet of one accord; we have not yet risen from the death that has been wrought historically or currently. Many are putting out words of support, words of solidarity, but it takes time to see if those words will be made flesh in our actions. Perhaps we are further back at the time of the Samson, where, so enraged we wish to lash out disproportionately at the Philistines; perhaps we’re in the land of the Psalms which cry out in lamentation.

I propose we are in a time of naming. We are naming injustices and sins both systemic and individual. We are naming what atonement and equality look like. As such, if we’re looking for a Biblical guide, I think we’re at the very beginning, at the genesis of our future.

Like Adam naming the creepy crawling things of God, we are naming our anxiety and stressors; like Adam naming the beasts of the land, we are naming our actions, biases, and threats to fraternity and love.

I propose we are at a beginning. But unlike Adam I trust when mistakes are made, when the eventual tensions and disagreements must be faced, we won’t resort to blaming, to turning away from our responsibility and covenants as he did to his own – Eve. In this naming, in this beginning, let’s not make the same mistakes, let’s choose trust in God over postures of fear.

In our June Board Meeting, NACAR spent our time together naming the things around us. Certainly, present realities place us, as an organization, at the beginning of something new and different. In the meeting, we named the line items in our budget, named the programs and services we provided, and named the ways in which we can provide a budget and programs in this time of pandemic, unrest, and economic uncertainty.

We will, like Adam, continue to be stewards of what we have been gifted by God; we will name the good and the bad. We depend on you, NACAR community and individual members, to ensure that collectively we can face the future and the complications it brings with love and trust, to not make the mistake of Adam, to not dodge and deflect. Let’s give it a go. Let’s view this time as a beginning and embrace it.

The NACAR Board understands that these are difficult and unusual times, so as a courtesy we are extending our grace period for renewal of dues until August 15, 2020.

If you will NOT be paying online and will be mailing a check, please contact us for the address to use during this pandemic.

Finance Survey was sent to Primary Contacts on June 23. This survey was in response to participants of the Creative Conversations on Finance. If you are a Primary Contact and did NOT receive the survey please contact us.

Please complete the survey by July 24, 2020.

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