Wholehearted Living

Wholehearted living is a concept named by Grounded Theory researcher Brené Brown and it focuses on living your life from a place of worthiness. According to Brown, to live wholeheartedly, you need to foster courage, compassion, and connection, so you can go about your days satisfied that no matter what you have accomplished, no matter what you have left incomplete, you are enough.

I have been working on a presentation of Brené Brown’s work on Wholehearted living and reading about her in-depth interviews with men and women all over the country. She spoke with people who were living joyful, loving and inspiring lives and wanted to find out how they were experiencing Wholehearted living. They were filling their life with themes such as trust, faith, worthiness, hope, authenticity, love, gratitude, creativity, and rest.

As I was looking at these themes from Brené’s work, it made me think of the many associates around the country who are filling their lives with these same themes and living Wholehearted lives inspired by the charisms of their communities. Living a Wholehearted life also means embracing our vulnerabilities and still seeing ourselves as worthy of love and belonging. As associates, we are entering a time of vulnerability in the future of community and associate life but our vulnerability can lead us to new paths of belonging and joy if we can live Wholeheartedly.

Brené Brown’s work and the spirit of the associate movement inspires me to keep striving towards a Wholehearted life. May we continue to fill our lives with faith, creativity, hope, love, gratitude, and rest and embrace our vulnerabilities so we can experience the joy of a Wholehearted life.

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