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The Associate, Volume 22 Number 1

The Associate • Spring 2017 • Volume 22, Number 1

In this issue:

  • Co-Creating the Future God Desires
  • How to Use the CARA Report & Study Guide
  • CARA Guide Reports Order Form
  • Groups Explore CARA Study
  • Applying the CARA Study
  • Charism The Dreams of Our Elders
  • Technophobia Is Not an Option AnymorePrayer Feature
  • Wisdom from the Past: Capturing the Story
  • We Are All Migrants
  • Celebration of St Marguerite Bougeoys
  • Associates Receive Symbolic Medals
  • Becoming Vibrant Communities Jesus Dreamed
  • Gifts Received, Gifts Given
  • Blessings Boxes Brought to Gatlinburg
  • Coming Events
  • Membership Application

NACAR Community Members Directory Map Search

To utilize the map search, you may either search a location by entering as much of the addess as you want and the distance from that address or a combination of location and any part of the name of a community in the seach box. For example, you can enter "United States" for the location, "Notre Dame" in the search box and 5000 miles for the distance and the map will show all communities with "Notre Dame" within 5000 miles of the center of the United States.