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This report presents findings from the first survey, the survey of directors/coordinators of associates in religious institutes of the United States and Canada. CARA and NACAR designed a questionnaire based on the one used in the 2000 study, but extended to include more questions about key issues, such as the impact of associates on the mission and ministries of religious institutes, the structure of the associate relationship to the institute, and the future needs and challenges of this relationship. CARA programmed the survey into an online format, translated it into French and hosted it on the CARA website.

To distribute the survey, CARA contacted the major superiors of all religious institutes that belong to the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR), the Council of Major Superiors of Women Religious (CMSWR) (these are the two leadership conferences of women religious in the United States), the Conference of Major Superiors of Men (CMSM), and the Canadian Religious Conference (CRC) by mail with a copy of the questionnaire for associate directors/coordinators and instructions for completing the survey online. Each major superior was asked to forward the request to the director/coordinator of associates in the institute so they could complete the survey. If the institute does not have associates, the major superior was asked to respond to the first three questions of the survey, indicating they do not have associates, and return the survey to CARA.

After repeated follow-ups, CARA received a response from 588 of 918 major superiors and associate directors/coordinators for an overall response rate of 64 percent. In all, 378 institutes (67 percent of all responding institutes) indicated they have associates and completed the full survey.

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Special Report Cover Page

Special Report

Part I Director/Leadership Report Table of Contents

Part I Director/Leadership Report
Table of Contents

Part II Associates/Vowed Members Report Table of Contents

Part II Associates/Vowed Members Report
Table of Contents

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