Christ with crowd and hands raised to sunNovember ushers in a month of remembrance and gratitude.  As persons called to carry the spirit and mission of our various congregations, we remember on whose shoulders we stand.  Those visionary and prophetic women and men intercede for us and continue to inspire and guide us. The miseries of our day cry out to us for a response, much as they did to our founders. Persons who are poor, oppressed, marginalized and a ravaged Earth still lay claim to our love and deeds of justice.   
Our remembrance is not marked by feeble nostalgia, a mere return to some “good old days.”  Ours is robust Biblical remembering.  The God who did great things in the past will do newer and greater things in our day, this time through us. We are called to be people of open minds, open hearts and open wills, living the Associate Call: Alive Today, Co-Creating God’s Dream for Tomorrow.   Our gratitude rests in our call to continue seeding our world with our various charisms, relationship by relationship. We are humbly grateful for the gift of consciously being the hands, feet, face, voice, eyes, ears and heart of Christ made visible.
And I believe if we peek at our Founders we will see and sense their gratitude to us for saying “yes” to our call as they did to theirs.  In her song “The Circle’s Larger,” Colleen Fulmer writes,

If not us, then who?
If not here, then where?
If not now, then when?
The Circle’s larger than when it began.

NACAR is grateful to be the wide circle embracing all the forms of associate life, supporting each one’s growth, communicating the joys of this vocation, developing resources and fostering collaboration.   Our Creative Conversations, our Leadership Manual, our CARA Report are a banquet meant to nourish your spirit.  May God continue to be praised and glorified in our ordinary lives lived with great love. 

Clipart from Hermano Leon:

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