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Hurricane Irma view from aboveSitting in Florida having breakfast with my husband and seeing all the damage done by Hurricane Irma makes me wonder how recovery from traumatic experiences happen.

The drive back home was riddled with felled trees and mountains of debris that were left in the wake of this category 4-5 hurricane. Observing where the worst destruction happened I could see that landscaping, fences and trees that were not supported by smaller shrubs and smaller trees were the most vulnerable and were more easily destroyed.

This phenomenal event is predicted and prepared for every year but only hits occasionally. The diligence of each person to board up, to stockpile food and water, to get a generator in order is constantly broadcast on all media. Some do not prepare. Most do!

Sounds a lot like the Gospel announcements and pronouncements to prepare, be ready, you do not know the hour when the Lord is coming! Some do, some don’t!

Coping with life in season and out of season has always been a challenge. I see that being surrounded by people who support the values I value, those who are looking for ways to prepare for the already here and not yet and to sustain a level of joy throughout is a defined response to that challenge.

As a Lifetime Sinsinawa Dominican Associate I do find that support, I do find that value system, I do find that visioning and that happiness I seek.

After the storm, our associate group met, prayed, and shared the experience. We did a mindfulness exercise together and we felt relief. We are supported by each other and by the many messages our sisters and associates constantly sent to us.

As we continue to stay alert, we will also continue to be here for one other, in season and out of season.

Let us continue to pray and offer our support to all of those affected by the many recent natural disasters in our world.

Congratulations to OPAL, the new Regional Group of Ohio and Pennsylvania, who held their first highly successful meeting on September 23rd led by Deborah Zawislan and Patsy Richards with the thoughtful, insightful, inspiring and challenging words of Deborah Rose-Milavec!

The newest chapter of the Leadership Manual, Fostering Our Future, is flying off of the NACAR shelves! Thanks to all those who have purchased a copy. We have plenty left so don't be left out. Place your order here.

Watch for an upcoming email about a new interactive webinar series called "Creative Conversations: Applying What We Have Learned from the CARA Report" hosted by the Member Services Committee. The first webinar will be held on Wednesday, November 15th. More information about the series and how to register will be coming soon!

New Documents have been added to the NACAR website for Members Only. A  Sample Job Description  and  Sample Interview Questions for Associate Leaders  is now available under the Resources/Publications tab. We hope you will find this information helpful. Remember, you must be logged in to access them.

We welcome back Community members, the Sisters of St. Francis of Sylvania, Ohio, and the Congregation of the Humility of Mary, Iowa. Thank you for rejoining NACAR!

Thank you to all who have renewed their NACAR Membership.

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