NACAR Board Messages

Summer Beach with umbrella and surf board and sand castleAs the North American summer hits mid-stride, it is easy to think of the leisurely change of pace that many of us look forward to every summer. July 4th celebrations, afternoon games at the ball-park, a visit to grand-parents for the kids, and vacation from work. 

While it may be true that we in the world of Religious Life also take time over the summer for retreat and vacation, at NACAR the summer's “to do list” looks an awful lot like it does throughout the year.

First and foremost, our Member Relations office keeps the renewal information up to date, and encourages those who have not yet responded to consider how NACAR serves the Religious/Associate movement through its resources and communication network.  If you have not yet sent your dues for 2017-2018, I hope you will do so very soon.

For several years, NACAR has been present at the annual LCWR Assembly, and will be so again on August 8, in Orlando, Florida at Booth #203. The dialogue which this interaction generates has been very encouraging to NACAR because of the desire of LCWR members to follow-up in learning more about NACAR and it's commitment to the Associate movement.

Behind the scenes, authoring of a new section for the NACAR Leadership Manual continues, Fostering Our Future, you can order your copy here, as does the preparation of the fall issue of The Associate, NACAR's journal and news magazine. (We apologize for an error in our summer issue of The Associate.  Russell Petrus, Future Church Program Director, wrote the article, "The Future Practicing Catholic.")

Webinars and workshops continue to be requested, for which NACAR personnel respond with a willingness to schedule their own time as work schedules permit.

In fact, all of the committees that collaborate in keeping NACAR engaged are happy to see the summer lull come over the seasonal horizon, because that means that some of the tasks that get pushed aside during the “regular year,” can now get the time that they deserve.

We welcome new Community members, the Sisters of Charity of St Vincent de Paul of New York and Oblate Sisters of Providence!  Thank you for joining NACAR!

On behalf of the Board of Directors of NACAR, I want to acknowledge the importance of the support we receive from our members, and the contribution that members make when they contact us through our NACAR website with questions, suggestions and valuable feedback. We look forward to working with you through the year!

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