NACAR Board Messages

FireworksIn Canada and the States, we begin July celebrating our self-governance and the freedoms available to us all. We are truly blessed!

There is a lightness about Summer as we are encouraged to relax, rejuvenate, and recreate. As we step away from packed calendars of deadlines, meetings, and projects, let’s take the time to re-energize our commitment to the charism and mission that grounds us in God’s Love. Let us reflect at leisure on the joys of the associate relationship and how it shapes our perspective and actions. Let us open ourselves to the possibilities of sharing our blessings by inviting others to experience their own call.

The Summer issue of   The Associate , which will be sent next week, offers opportunities for reflection. Also, in the newest chapter of the Leadership Manual, Fostering our Future, you can step through a process of reflection that prepares each of us to invite others to the associate relationship. This Chapter will be available soon.

As the CARA Study indicated, Associate communities need to ‘grow younger.’ Let’s take time to appreciate our gifts this Summer. With a renewed and re-energized commitment, come Autumn we can enter into the practical elements to Invitation.

We welcome a new Supporting Organization to NACAR! The Regional Group called the Bay Area Conference of Associates and Religious (BACAR) have just joined as a Supporting Organization. Thank you for believing in and supporting the work that we do!

A BIG Thank you to all of those Communities and Individuals who have sent in their dues for 2017-2018. We are so very grateful for your support! The deadline for 2017-2018 dues is July 15, 2017. We are also grateful for those primary contacts and individuals who took time to complete the survey that was sent to you. It will be so helpful as we review benefits and how we can best serve our members!

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