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Man with eyes closed being blessedSince April 7, I have traveled from my home in Illinois to Ohio, Wisconsin, Indiana, Kentucky, and Iowa. The travel included being with three regional groups of Associates and/or Directors of Associates ...Tri-State, Midwest Kindred Spirits, and CARMA.  Although these travels are not cross country or across continents, I can attest that with this area, the Associate call is Alive Today!

Doing something different always helps me “see with different eyes.” In my travels I noticed the degree to which spring had come and I was able to recognize God’s on-going creative work in the beauty of the budding trees and in the hearts of the people. In my native Illinois this same beauty is unfolding, but somehow it is easier to see when I am not in my familiar surroundings.

Sometimes I am surprised at how easy it is to be blind to what is “right in front of us,” from the beauty of springtime to the grace and gift of the people in our midst.  In a world filled with fear, anger, and destruction, it may be safer to stay in familiar surroundings, but is that our call?

Keith Payne wrote on June 11, 2013, in Scientific American:

We cannot get to know or learn from people if we look right through them. The modern world might magnify these effects ... because the power of the unconscious is greatest when our attention is under the heaviest demands.... It makes you wonder who you have looked at today and have not seen.

As Associates and Religious we are invited to take the time to see with new eyes what is right before us. How are we called to be co-creators of God’s dream for tomorrow? How are we called, each in our own way, to share our congregational charisms for the sake of our world? Who is right in front of us ready to be compassionate collaborators? Let’s take the time to see what it is good!

A congregation has rejoined NACAR.  Welcome back Congregation of the Humility of Mary!

Renewal Forms will be sent out during the month of May to Primary Contacts of each congregation.  Please watch for them.

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