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Forsythia SpringSpring is the season of hope. It brings us through the last days of Lent to the glorious Alleluia of Easter. In Toronto, the crocuses whisper of its coming until one morning the burst of bright yellow on the forsythia bushes gives full voice to spring’s arrival.

But this year, not only from the burden of late winter snow but from uncertainty about our future, spring somehow feels heavy rather than hopeful. Again the forsythia has something to tell us.

Gardeners know that the forsythia bush is sometimes propagated through layering. A weight is placed over a branch to keep it on the ground. As the branch touches the earth, it sends out new roots. This portion of the branch can then be separated from the main. When re-planted it will grow and bloom.

The 2017 NACAR theme: Associate Call: Alive Today, Co-Creating God’s Dream for Tomorrow challenges us to be like the forsythia. Alive today we are rooted in Christ and watered by the vision and mission of our founders and congregations. Yet sometimes we feel weighted down by the force of our present circumstances. Encumbered like this it is difficult to see how we can ever again flourish and flower.

The forsythia reminds us that the weight which brings us low contains within it an opportunity to connect once more with the holy ground that has rooted us. It is because we bend under pressure that we will once more flourish and flower; for as we bend to touch all that has sustained us, we reconnect with the deep richness of our charisms, the long history of our companions. We will send out new roots that allow us to live and grow even if we become separated from the main branch.

This Spring we are called to become co-creators of God’s dream for tomorrow. We are called to hope, called to respond to the pressures we feel by preparing ourselves to be re-planted. So that whenever and wherever we find ourselves, we will, like the forsythia, continue to grow and bloom.

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