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Increasing GraphHave you thought of yourself recently as God’s answer to prayer? NACAR knows you are and the 2015 – 16 CARA survey confirms it. It reports that the number of associates has doubled since the initial survey of 2000 – 2002. You are one way God is responding to our prayers for vocations. Apparently God is very serious about raising up women and men, calling them to deeper relationship with God’s self, connecting them to various religious institutes and asking them to leaven the world with the spirit, spirituality and charisms of these institutes that is alive in their hearts.

As a new Board member, I realize even more how much NACAR wants to honor the uniqueness of each group and at the same time resource, support and facilitate God’s dream and desire in calling this way of life into being at this time in our history. We have the CARA survey to serve as a compass guiding us in to an unknown future. We have the resource manual as a compilation of the best wisdom to provide a firm foundation as associates become more and more responsible for the future of associate life. We have a Board and its committees willing to facilitate the sharing of your wisdom, your questions and your challenges as we live together Associate Call: Alive Today, Co-Creating God’s Dream for Tomorrow.

Jesus walking on water and helping PeterMuch like the disciples and Jesus, your initial attraction and journey with your congregation has grown into more than you dared to dream ask or imagine. Like them, you are ordinary people filled with grace for the life of the world. NACAR wants to partner with you in this great adventure. May we respond with the faith-filled abandon of Mother Janet Stuart:

“You must let Him tempt you to walk on water and in your heart you must sing, for you belong to God.”

We are grateful to our newest Supporting Member, Mary's Pence of St. Paul, Minnesota. You can contact them here. Thank you for supporting NACAR!

We are sorry for the problems you might have experienced with the links to forms on our website. We are rearranging some of our resources and inadvertently caused some errors. Let us know if you have trouble.

Sister Judy Gomila. MSCDon't forget to register for the Associate Leaders Retreat in Faulkner, Maryland at the end of May with outstanding presenter, Sr. Judith Gomila, MSC. Download the Registration flyer here.

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