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CARA Special Report Cover PageWow!! I never suspected the many uses of the CARA Report!! I knew it was full of useful information; I believed it was a tool for moving the Associate-Religious relationship forward but I did not know how very important it could be in developing a vision and uniting leadership in congregations within themselves; unifying Associates to Associates; Associates to Religious and congregation to congregation.

I have had the privilege of studying and presenting the CARA Report document, commissioned by NACAR to three different gatherings. Each was to a different group of membership and to a different level of leadership.

The first was to a regional group of Sinsinawa Dominicans with the Prioress and Council members present. Associates and Religious were the majority of the gathering. A short briefing with the anecdotal sayings read by different members was all the time we had. It was well received and an invitation to share the survey with the annual Summit of Associate Promoters was extended and accepted.

The second group, the Associate Promoters of Sinsinawa, were highly motivated to respond to the major findings of the CARA report and they eagerly engaged in the discussion questions. Together this leadership group of Associate Promoters and the congregation members envisioned new structures and direction together.

The third group of Cenacle Associates entered the gathering with hope for engaging the Associates in such a way as to unite them and give them direction for the future. The Cenacle Associates, for the first time, were without vowed religious leadership in their area and were unsure how to go forward.

Their interest was in how other Associates carried out their mission and assumed leadership. This was a discussion they longed for and continue to have based on the CARA survey.

All three groups came away with new insights and deep respect for NACAR. They all saw the value of an organization that was able to unite congregations, resource and develop leadership among Associates and deepen their relationship to each other.

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