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Advent WreathAnother Advent! With this year’s “coming” we are faced with so many challenges to our sense of values and our pursuit of ideals.

In November, at the Consistory creating new Cardinals, Pope Francis chose to put forth as a dynamic symbol the time that Jesus brought his apostles down off the mountain of their election into the plain, where the people were gathered (Lk 6:27-36). Pope Francis said "Dear brothers and sisters, Jesus never stops 'coming down from the mountain'. He constantly desires to enter the crossroads of our history to proclaim the Gospel of Mercy. Jesus continues to call us and to send us to the 'plain' where our people dwell.”

Those who are engaged in the Associate-Religious relationship fully represent the people on the plain. Our memberships, whether as religious or associates, have drawn on the gifts and energies of old, young, and in-between to witness to the gospel values we espouse throughout our community and family circles.

The United States is still reeling from the political upheaval surrounding the recent campaigns and elections for national, state, and local offices. We have witness to give especially in these turbulent times. Use your local JPIC (Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation) network to reinforce your personal efforts.

Our NACAR Board held its fall meeting in early November, and the projection for the new year is entirely optimistic. We have so much energy to build on, thanks to the many of you who have shared your energy with NACAR.

As NACAR brings its 20th anniversary year to a close, we have the wonderful “closing video” to share with you. Jeanne Connolly, NACAR Board Member and Covenant Companion with the Wheaton Franciscans, expresses some of the gratitude we feel for what all of you have given to NACAR over twenty years. I join with Jeanne and the rest of the NACAR Board in saying “Thanks, for twenty years of inspired efforts on behalf of Associates and Religious.”

Welcome to a new Community Member - Sisters of the Presentation San Francisco CA. Welcome to their 70 vowed members and 32 associates. Thank you for joining NACAR!

Thank you to our newest Supporting Organization - CARMA - Conference of Associates and Religious of the Midwest Area. To learn more about being a Supporting Organization click here.

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