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Cross of peopleNovember – a time to remember and pray for our deceased loved ones and for all who have gone before us.

We at NACAR have spent 2016 looking back, recognizing, and celebrating many who have shepherded the associate-religious relationship over the past several decades. We have been blessed.

With the release of the CARA research reports this summer, we celebrate the present while listening to the promptings of the Holy Spirit for our future. The associate-religious relationship is personally meaningful as well as gift to the Church. Let us all be open to how the Holy Spirit calls us forth to be light for the world through our associate-religious relationships.

As you study the CARA reports and how it frames your future plans, please share what your Calls to Action are with NACAR. We hope that the folder Study Guide  will bring associate communities to a new awareness of the gift and the calling, of community, of empowerment, and of leadership for creating a future for which ‘we could not ask or imagine.'

November is also the time that we in the United States reflect on the many blessings of our lives. The NACAR Board of Directors and Staff pray in gratitude for your ongoing support.

Welcome to a new Community Member - Society of the Precious Blood in Liberty Montana. We welcome their 150 vowed members and 512 associates. Thank you for joining NACAR!

"Key Take Aways of the CARA Report" - Registered members can view a recording of the webinar that was presented in October by going here.

In this month's annivesary video, Mary Jo Mersmann and Fred Goddard share what it has been like for them to serve NACAR as the Management Team and being part of NACAR long before that.

The Board will be meeting in Chicago November 10 – 13. Please keep us in your prayers as we discern our priorities and plans for the next few years.

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