NACAR Board Messages

NACAR Board Messages

Each month, the NACAR Board President or another member of the NACAR Board of Directors sends a brief message to all members of NACAR. You may read those messages here.

Sisters of St. Louis LogoOn behalf of NACAR, I offer a BIG WELCOME to our latest new congregational member—the Associates and Sisters of Saint Louis. Their mission primarily engages a variety of ministries, including community development, education, healthcare and pastoral care. The community's charism is Sint Unum—May all be One—which is shared among 800 associates and religious worldwide. There is additional information about the Sisters of Saint Louis by visiting their website at

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Stained glass window depicting Assumption of Mary in Bayeux, Calvados, France. © Jorisvo | Dreamstime.comNot much is happening with the work of NACAR these summer days, or so it would seem. Maybe it's the same with your ministry: fellow volunteers leave to recharge, beat the heat, re-create, meetings turn out to be impossible to arrange and setting deadlines for work output seem pointless during these days of summertime.

Thanks to all who have renewed their NACAR membership lately. I distinctly wish to recognize the Associates and Sisters of Charity – Halifax and the Associate Partners and Sisters of St. Francis of Clinton, Iowa for their sizable donations to NACAR. From a philanthropic point of view, their contributions speak volumes about their congregational leaderships' appreciation and confidence in the mission of NACAR. On behalf of our members, board and staff, thank you for your special expression of support; we deeply appreciate it.

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I hope this finds you well vacationed, or vacationing, or simply recreated. I'm serious—associate-religious leadership is arduous. None of us is exempt from being drained or worn out! There's no-one-size-fits-all model for the associate-religious relationship to make things easy. As leaders we are incessantly listening, discerning, strategizing, creating, trying and failing and succeeding, and ... (You get the drift). But the Spirit is with us, we remember.

We just accomplished another successful workshop in the Baltimore area on the subject of Contemporary Spirituality of Association. I gleaned through a list of topics workshop participants suggested for future workshops: empowering and cultivating associate leadership; effectively dealing with divergent personalities; associate formation; networking with associate-leaders; forthcoming prospects of association vis-à-vis gradual waning of religious communities. Can you resonate with these topics? If so, you're not alone. (Now, reread the first paragraph!)

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