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News and Information for members of and people interested in the North American Conference of Associates and Religious.

Cross of peopleNovember – a time to remember and pray for our deceased loved ones and for all who have gone before us.

We at NACAR have spent 2016 looking back, recognizing, and celebrating many who have shepherded the associate-religious relationship over the past several decades. We have been blessed.

With the release of the CARA research reports this summer, we celebrate the present while listening to the promptings of the Holy Spirit for our future. The associate-religious relationship is personally meaningful as well as gift to the Church. Let us all be open to how the Holy Spirit calls us forth to be light for the world through our associate-religious relationships.

As you study the CARA reports and how it frames your future plans, please share what your Calls to Action are with NACAR. We hope that the folder Study Guide  will bring associate communities to a new awareness of the gift and the calling, of community, of empowerment, and of leadership for creating a future for which ‘we could not ask or imagine.'

Autumn Leaves

Leaves are staring to change color and will eventually fall to the ground. The temperatures are beginning to drop as well, and there is the smell of Fall in the air, too, except in areas that are witnessing many acres of fires burning, as in California where I live. The many sections of the country that have witnessed flooded streets and neighborhoods has caused much sadness to those affected. The many shootings we hear about on TV and read about in the newspapers have caused much unrest everywhere.

There is much need for prayer these days. Besides praying for the strength to get through hardships, we can also be grateful for the many blessings that have come our way. We, members of NACAR, have much to be grateful for. We are celebrating 20 years of service to Associates throughout North America, both in Canada and in the United States. We are grateful for the many congregations who have welcomed Associates into their families by sharing their charism. We support each other by attending and participating in the planning of meetings, liturgies, celebrations, and even funerals. There is a genuine feeling of graced mutuality.