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NACARAssociateBanner2The Associate is a publication of the North American Conference of Associates and Religious.

The Associate tells the story of NACAR and the story of our members. Therefore, we invite and encourage our members to submit articles for The Associate. We want to know about your associates, how you are interacting, how associates are partnering in mission and ministry, your events (past and upcoming), etc.

You may submit a story through our oneline form or by contacting us.


pdf The Associate, Volume 22 Number 2 Popular

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The Associate, Volume 22 Number 2

The Associate • Summer 2017 • Volume 22, Number 2

  • A Word from NACAR Board of Directors
  • Toward a Common Understanding
  • Into the Deep
  • The Future of the Associate Movement
  • Future “Practicing” Catholic
  • Retreat: Lower Your Nets
  • Call to Holiness
  • Designing for Life
  • Together We Are One
  • Reawakening Charisms and Spirituality
  • Faith Sharing Across the Country
  • New Model of Associate Leadership
  • Prayer Feature: Psalm of Forgiveness
  • Complicated Mission of Communication
  • Book Review: Let None Walk Alone
  • Human Trafficking: Associates Take a Stand
  • Evolution and the Power of Love
  • Seniors Make a Difference
  • Their Own Band: Coworkers and Associates
  • Coming Events
  • Membership Application
  • Membership FAQ

pdf The Associate, Volume 22 Number 1 Popular

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The Associate, Volume 22 Number 1

The Associate • Spring 2017 • Volume 22, Number 1

In this issue:

  • Co-Creating the Future God Desires
  • How to Use the CARA Report & Study Guide
  • CARA Guide Reports Order Form
  • Groups Explore CARA Study
  • Applying the CARA Study
  • Charism The Dreams of Our Elders
  • Technophobia Is Not an Option AnymorePrayer Feature
  • Wisdom from the Past: Capturing the Story
  • We Are All Migrants
  • Celebration of St Marguerite Bougeoys
  • Associates Receive Symbolic Medals
  • Becoming Vibrant Communities Jesus Dreamed
  • Gifts Received, Gifts Given
  • Blessings Boxes Brought to Gatlinburg
  • Coming Events
  • Membership Application

pdf The Associate, Volume 21 Number 3 Popular

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The Associate, Volume 21 Number 3

The Associate • Fall 2016 • Volume 21, Number 3

In this issue:

  • NACAR News & Notes
    • Milwaukee 20th Anniversary Gathering
    • Howe Island 20th Anniversary Gathering
    • Santa Clara 20th Anniversary Gathering
    • Words & Images from Gatherings
  • Prayer Feature
  • Tip: Using Zoom for Meetings
  • Social Justice: Bluestem Earth Festival
  • New Companions Make Vows of Mercy
  • Sinsinawa Dominicans New Associate Structure
  • Dominican Associates of Peace Commitment
  • Evolution of Association
  • Ursuline Sisters & Associates Carry on Legacy
  • Sisters of Charity of Nazareth Associates
  • The Gift of Pilgrimage
  • Healing Wounds and Warming Hearts
  • Coming Events
  • Membership Application

pdf The Associate, Volume 21 Number 2 Popular

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The Associate, Volume 21 Number 2

The Associate • Summer 2016 • Volume 21, Number 2

In this issue:

  • NACAR News & Notes
    • NACAR Wordle
    • CARA Study
    • Anniversary Gatherings
    • Lead With Spirit Manual
    • New Membership Categories
    • New Board Members
  • Prayer Feature
  • Tip For Members
  • Social Justice: Sisters of Charity
  • A Transformed Life
  • Reflection on the Via Dolorosa
  • Associate Programs Grow
  • Providence 150
  • Longing for Unity
  • Silo Sisters
  • Sisters of Notre Dame Associates Serve
  • Coming Events
  • Membership application

pdf The Associate, Volume 21 Number 1 Popular

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The Associate, Volume 21 Number 1

The Associate • Winter 2016 • Volume 21, Number 1

In this issue:

  • History of NACAR
  • Prayer Feature
  • Social Justice Feature
  • My Story of Transformation
  • Collaboration Not Always a Problem
  • BACAR Board Retreat
  • NERA Associate Gathering
  • AIRR Walks for Immigration
  • Associates Making a Diference
  • Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary
  • Associate Celebrations
  • Day of Recollection
  • NACAR Membership Application

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To utilize the map search, you may either search a location by entering as much of the addess as you want and the distance from that address or a combination of location and any part of the name of a community in the seach box. For example, you can enter "United States" for the location, "Notre Dame" in the search box and 5000 miles for the distance and the map will show all communities with "Notre Dame" within 5000 miles of the center of the United States.