Artist Reflection of the NACAR Symbol
by Sister Catherine Martin, O. Carm.


Spiraling Motion: Mission… active involvement… on a journey as individual - as community… ministry of service… motion from within-outward and outward to center.

Center: Desire for deepening one's spirituality and relationship with God… may be symbol for one's individual center and/or community's center.

Cross: The transparent, yet real force which is the meaning, purpose, strength to the mission… called to witness the gospel… collaboration to a common purpose.

Labyrinth: Following the lines that form the design one can "walk" the labyrinth from the cross to the center… from the center outward through the cross.

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The Associate Cover Volume 21 Number 2

The Associate • Summer 2016 • Volume 21, Number 2

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NACAR News & Notes
Prayer Feature
Tip For Members
Social Justice: Sisters of Charity
A Transformed Life
Reflection on the Via Dolorosa
Associate Programs Grow
Providence 150
Longing for Unity
Silo Sisters
Sisters of Notre Dame Associates Serve
Coming Events
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