Associate Leadership Retreat
Held May 30 - June 2, 2017
Loyola on the Potomac
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Artist Reflection of the NACAR Symbol
by Sister Catherine Martin, O. Carm.


Spiraling Motion: Mission… active involvement… on a journey as individual - as community… ministry of service… motion from within-outward and outward to center.

Center: Desire for deepening one's spirituality and relationship with God… may be symbol for one's individual center and/or community's center.

Cross: The transparent, yet real force which is the meaning, purpose, strength to the mission… called to witness the gospel… collaboration to a common purpose.

Labyrinth: Following the lines that form the design one can "walk" the labyrinth from the cross to the center… from the center outward through the cross.

pdf The Associate, Volume 22 Number 2 CoverThe Associate • Summer 2017 • Volume 22, Number 2 (3.65 MB)

In this issue:

  • A Word from NACAR Board of Directors
  • Toward a Common Understanding
  • Into the Deep
  • The Future of the Associate Movement
  • Future “Practicing” Catholic
  • Retreat: Lower Your Nets
  • Call to Holiness
  • Designing for Life
  • Together We Are One
  • Reawakening Charisms and Spirituality
  • Faith Sharing Across the Country
  • New Model of Associate Leadership
  • Prayer Feature: Psalm of Forgiveness
  • Complicated Mission of Communication
  • Book Review: Let None Walk Alone
  • Human Trafficking: Associates Take a Stand
  • Evolution and the Power of Love
  • Seniors Make a Difference
  • Their Own Band: Coworkers and Associates
  • Coming Events
  • Membership Application
  • Membership FAQ