NACAR Consultant/Speaker Directory

This directory is for the use of NACAR Members and their Organizations.  The directory lists resources which have asked to be included in order to offer services which may be helpful to enrich or support the Religious-Associate relationship. These resources are the scope of the meaning of “consultant/speaker."

A listing in this Directory is not an endorsement of any consultant/speaker. Anyone using the Consultant/Speaker Directory should independently confirm a consultant/speaker's professional qualification and references.

The information listed in this Directory is supplied by the Consultant/Speaker, which warrants the information to be reasonably accurate. NACAR does not guarantee that the information provided by a listed consultant/speaker is accurate.

The listing of consultants/speakers in the NACAR Directory does not make NACAR a party to any contractual relationship that may be established between the consultant/speaker and a NACAR member.

NACAR is entitled to delete, suspend or edit any or all information in the Directory at any time at its discretion without notice.

A person, group or organization who is interested in being included in The Consultant Directory on the NACAR website is welcome to submit their request if they meet the following criteria.

  1. Are a NACAR member.
  2. Promote the Associate-Religious relationship in their work.

Consultants are encouraged to:

  • List name, contact information and a brief explanation of services.
  • Submit articles relating to the Associate-Religious relationship for publication in The Associate. (Articles may not be advertisement of services.)
  • Submit details/links about workshops and events.
  • Include a link to NACAR’s website on their website, Facebook page, blog, etc.
  • Request to have NACAR materials available for distribution to their clients.

If you are interested in being listed in the NACAR Consultant/Speaker Directory, please click the "Next" button to complete the application form. Otherwise, if you are registered and logged into the website, you may go to the Consultant/Speaker Directory here.

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