New Year 2013Dear NACAR Members and Friends,

The board of directors takes this occasion to wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR – a new year that is filled with abundant grace and blessings on all you do in your associate ministries.

We wish to acknowledge new congregational member (Province of the Americas, Toronto) Sisters Faithful Companions of Jesus (FCJ), and their associates Companions in Mission. WELCOME!

NACAR Community Members Directory Map Search

To utilize the map search, you may either search a location by entering as much of the addess as you want and the distance from that address or a combination of location and any part of the name of a community in the seach box. For example, you can enter "United States" for the location, "Notre Dame" in the search box and 5000 miles for the distance and the map will show all communities with "Notre Dame" within 5000 miles of the center of the United States.